If You Need Help Right Now

I’m inspired by the multiple offers of help I’ve seen in my social media feeds lately.

I love how (for the most part) we are rallying together and helping each other during this difficult time. I’ve seen invitations for assistance along the lines of “If you need food, let me know. I will buy you groceries, no questions asked,” to people committing to give their stimulus checks to others.

Generosity is at a high right now, but many of those generous offers will go unheeded.

For one, it’s hard to admit you need help. And it’s also hard to accept help when it’s offered. I’ve been checking in on my elderly neighbors and offer to do grocery runs each time we chat. The response is always the same, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

For some people, saying yes to an offer of help comes with embarrassment or shame. Or a perception that they somehow failed. For those people, accepting help is a challenge. And raising their hand and asking for help is unthinkable.

If that’s you, I want to encourage you…and give you a resource.

When you need help

When you’re struggling financially, your first line of defense should always be to do what’s in your power to do. Seek what changes you can make. Let your creditors know you’re experiencing difficulty. Tap into any resources readily available to you.

But when that’s not enough, you have to raise your hand and ask for help. Continuing to operate without doing so can have negative consequences. If you don’t address your financial struggles immediately, your problems can snowball. And they will continue to impact you down the road. When you admit, first to yourself, and then to others, that you need help, you’ll likely experience a sense of relief.

So if you’ve been offered help during this time, I want you to know there’s no shame in admitting you need it and certainly no shame in accepting it. That friend or neighbor who asked if you need anything genuinely wants to help. Take them up on their offer.

Families helping families with the $1k Project

If you don’t know where to seek help, I want to share an initiative I recently learned about, called the $1k Project.

The $1k Project matches families in need with sponsors who commit to giving them $1,000 a month for three months. This assistance can help fill the gap for those whose financial stability has been impacted but haven’t received help or need additional assistance.

The $1k Project relies on personal connections to pair families with sponsors. For example, if a small business owner had to lay off staff, they can refer — or nominate — employees to the $1k Project. Alternatively, anyone who knows of a family in need can also nominate them.

Once a family completes its application, the $1k Project matches them with a sponsor. A “referral chain” is created and tracked, beginning with the initial referrer and ending with the sponsor. In many cases, this results in sponsor–family matches that stretch from coast to coast.

The $1k Project prioritizes assistance for larger families with at least one dependent, single-parent households, people with medical conditions, and families with little-to-no savings.

How to get or give help through the $1k Project

So far, the $1k Project has funded over 150 families and is looking to help more!

  • If you need financial support, pass this referral link along to your previous employer or a friend or family member who can nominate you.
  • If you’re looking for a giving opportunity or know of someone in need, use this referral link to nominate or sponsor a family.

To learn more about the $1k project, visit here. The spirit of giving is strong right now, and this initiative provides a unique experience for everyone involved!


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