Success Stories

Alaya patiently walked us through what we needed to do in order to make necessary changes in our finances. We have been able to pay off all our loans except for our home; we have established an emergency fund that will cover three to four months of expenses; our retirement savings have increased, and we have begun to prepay our mortgage.

juan and rosmery r.

Alaya takes the time to teach you the techniques necessary to control your income, letting you do more with money and worry less about debt. She has provided me the tools to manage money in a responsible way, and I feel confident about paying any remaining debt in less time than expected. Thanks, Alaya!!

wogahta d.

We are so happy that we met Alaya and have her as our financial coach. Working with her has changed things for us and has made our marriage even stronger! We’ve read financial books but didn’t know where to start. Alaya has done that for us! We are so blessed!

nancy and mark h.

Alaya teaches me, encourages me, and most importantly shows me how to manage my finances according to God’s intention. Since my first appointment with her, I have never looked at my finances the same. Although I am a work in progress, she never condemns me for my mistakes but guides me once again onto the right track. So very blessed to have her. Thank you, Alaya.

sahony r.

If you’re looking for professional financial advice mixed with a kind smile and warm heart, Alaya is it. You not only receive the advice you need to hear when you need to hear it, but you will also receive an advisor that strives to listen and relate to her clients. Her heart is set on helping you reach your full potential financially, as well as reaching that goal you have set for yourself. She will tell it to you straight, but only to show you that the financial discipline practiced now brings you financial peace later.

robert r.

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