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7 Days of Hope + Help for Your Money

Could your financial situation use a little help? How about some hope?

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7 Days of Hope + Help for Your Money Challenge

If you’re like most people, you started off this year with big plans for change. Change in your health, change in your finances, change in your relationships…maybe even change in your career.

Hope Your Way Out of Debt

I recently gave a talk that I want to share with you. It's not specifically about money, but rather it's a personal story (a very personal one) about hope.

How to Make Goals You Will Actually Meet

Do you typically make New Year’s resolutions? Something along the lines of…I resolve to lose weight; I resolve to save more, or I resolve to be a better parent?

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Why You Need to Start Dreaming Again

What if I were to ask you to tell me your biggest dream — the one thing that you would do if there were no limitation? The thing that brings (or could bring) you the greatest joy and the most fulfillment?

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Should You Lend Money To Friends and Relatives?

Your cousin asks to borrow a couple of hundred dollars. Something unexpected came up, and they just need a little help making it to the next payday. They promise they’ll return the money; no problem you think...

About Alaya

About Alaya

As a personal financial coach, my passion is helping others identify and achieve their financial goals. I truly believe that every situation has hope, and my goal is to help others find the hope in theirs…

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