Small Budget Busters That Sneak Up On Us

August 3, 2016

Small Budget Busters That Sneak Up On Us

Budget Busters. Most of us are aware of the big ones like eating out or overspending on entertainment. But, sometimes it’s the little ones that “sneak up” on us. Like the expression, “death by 1000 cuts,” consistently wasting money on these things can add up.

Here are 10 small budget busters that easily sneak up on us:

  1. Library Fines
  2. Bank Overdraft Fees
  3. Monthly Account Fees
  4. Late Payment Fees
  5. “Free” Trials (We swear we’ll cancel before the trial ends!)
  6. Late Return Fees (e.g., Redbox)
  7. Late Registration Fees (e.g., Kids’ activities)
  8. Expedited Shipping
  9. Subscription Services We don’t use
  10. Unused Gym Memberships

So many of these small budget busters are related to doing things late. Procrastination can cost you, so be mindful of what you can do to eliminate wasting money on doing things late or last-minute. Put systems in place to help you, such as calendar reminders, automatic payments, or “tricking yourself” by cushioning your deadlines.

Being aware of these small budget busters will help you make smarter decisions about how you spend your money. Get rid of the budget busters that you don’t use. If you don’t need that gym membership or that music subscription, cancel it!

Have you wasted money this week on any of these? What are other small budget busters that “sneak up” on you?