10 Thoughtful and Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

April 11, 2018

10 Thoughtful and Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for frugal Mother’s Day gift ideas that will wow the mom in your life, play up the thoughtfulness of the gift—not so much what you spend on it.

Finding the right Mother’s Day gift can be nerve-racking. Finding the right frugal Mother’s Day gift that mom will like is even more so. Moms do so much and mean so much to us that they deserve to be lavished daily with gifts without even a thought about the cost. But of course, our budgets tell us otherwise.

Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that will impress Mom but will leave your budget intact. Some of these can be pulled off without shelling out a dime, while others require some spending—but not too much.

1. Steal Mom’s Phone

Did that grab your attention? Good. Hijack Mom’s phone and download, print, and frame some of the pictures she’s taken that seem destined to stay in the cloud forever. You can find inexpensive frames at Ikea or Target. Mom will be surprised and thrilled to see some of those forgotten memories come to life!

2. Give Mom the Day Off

Let Mom choose what she wants to do for the day while you and the kids take care of the cleaning, cooking, laundry, and the million other things mom gets done in one day.

3. A Box of Mom’s Favorite Things

Put together a box (or basket or gift bag) of Mom’s favorite snacks, candy, drinks, and other goodies. Play up the suspense by wrapping each item individually. Throw in some no-cost gifts like letters, cards, and pictures from the kids, or hand-made coupons she can redeem later for a day off, an activity of her choice, or a date, etc.

4. Pack a Picnic

Spend the day outdoors by combining a picnic along with Mom’s favorite outdoor activity: biking, hiking, walking along the beach, exploring a city, etc. Make the day special by finding a new bike or hiking trail she hasn’t tried or choosing a beach or town/city you haven’t visited.

5. Create a Themed Basket

Make a basket for Mom based on something she loves. Your options are limitless here. You can do a book and magazine-themed basket, a spa-themed basket, a candle-themed basket—anything you know Mom will like.

6. Splurge for Mom

Is there an item Mom loves, but won’t buy for herself because it’s a bit of a splurge? Go ahead and splurge for her! If you can’t think of anything, consider what she always gives as gifts to other people. That might clue you in on an item or at least a store she likes. We’re not necessarily talking about expensive items here, just ones Mom won’t indulge in for herself (e.g., a pricey candle).

7. Send Mom to the Spa…at Home

Transform a room or part of your home into a spa. Create a calming ambiance with candles, low lighting, and music. Give mom a menu of services (like sea salt bath, massage, mani/pedi) and let her choose what she would like. You can find inexpensive spa items at the dollar store, Target, or Walmart. Plan a light meal of fresh fruits, yogurt, juice, and tea to conclude mom’s “day at the spa.”

8. Mother’s Day Freebies

Do a search online for Mother’s Day freebies. Also, do a search specific to your city or town. You will find several national and local restaurants and retailers that offer freebies and discounts for moms.

9. Take Mom Shopping for Her Hobby

If Mom has a hobby, take her shopping and treat her to some new goodies. Maybe it’s a trip to a craft store or a garden center. Whatever it is, give her a free pass (well, perhaps with a dollar limit) to pick up some new items for her hobby.

10. Create a Slideshow or Video

Put together a video or slideshow of mom’s most precious memories. You can do this easily with an app you probably already have on your phone. Mom will fall apart (in a good way) by seeing her cherished memories on the screen.

Use your creativity—and of course, what you know about Mom—to select a gift you know she will love. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, wife, grandmother, or anyone else, these frugal Mother’s Day gift ideas will not only please the mom in your life, but you’ll be quite pleased with yourself for sticking to your budget.

Do you have some frugal Mother’s Day gift ideas to share? Let us know in the comments.


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