18 Awesome Money Quotes You Haven’t Heard Yet

January 20, 2017

18 Awesome Money Quotes You Haven’t Heard Yet

“The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket.” — Will Rogers

Have you ever heard that quote? You probably have; do a search for money quotes, and you’re likely to find it on most lists. Naturally, quotes that came from the mouths of the famous (and infamous) are the ones that we are likely to repeat, share, tweet, insta…you get the idea.

Recently, though, I’ve noticed that there are some sayings I’ve developed and repeat so often that they feel like they’re famous quotes…and they pretty much are in my house. Lately, it’s been “Procrastination will always cost you one of three things: time, money, quality.” (Yes, I live with procrastinators, and I might be one of them.)

My own gem of a quote inspired me to find out what pearls of wisdom other people dispense that probably won’t show up in my Twitter feed. So I asked some of my “money friends” (personal finance bloggers, writers, professionals) what quotable words of advice they are always dishing out regarding money and life.

Here are 18 awesome money quotes you haven’t heard yet.

Managing Your Money

“It’s true that some of us have less – maybe a lot less – than others. But we can choose how we use the money we get.” — Donna Freedman, donnafreedman.com

“Almost every decision we make is, at least on some level, a financial decision. Make sure that the choices you make are aligned with the unique goals and values that are most important to you.” — Steven Fox, Next Gen Financial Planning

“Save on things that don’t matter to you, so you can spend on the things that do matter.” — Mrs. 1500, 1500 Days to Freedom

“If you can save at least 40% of your gross income each year for about 20 years, you’ll reach financial independence even without a pension.” — Doug Nordman, The Military Guide

Dumping Debt

“The first step in eliminating debt is to stop accumulating more of it.” — Adam Hagerman, adamhagerman.com

“Getting out of debt is hard. Staying in debt is hard. Choose your hard.” — Jessica Garbarino, Every Single Dollar

“Affording the payment is not the same thing as affording the purchase.” — Me 🙂

Real Estate | Investing

“Owning a house is an investment the same as stock; the only difference is one is a line item on a spreadsheet and the other you live in.” — Elizabeth Colegrove, The Reluctant Landlord

“Win the stock market game by playing by YOUR rules! Stop trying to play the professional’s game, picking and trading stocks. Play the amateur’s game, make fewer mistakes and beat your investing goals.” — Joseph Hogue, CFA, My Stock Market Basics

“Before you even start investing, get your personal finances in order. Know what’s coming in and what’s going out every month. Plan for the worst and start building your emergency fund early. Pay off your high-interest debt first or find ways to lower the rates above anything else.” — Rachel Hernandez, Adventures in Mobile Homes


“Many entrepreneurs are GREAT at what they do, but they’re not so good with the numbers. Your ability to make sound decisions based on the numbers can make or break your business.” — Sylvia Inks, SMI Financial Coaching

“There are a lot of ways you can make money in business, but you won’t earn anything if you try them all.” — Eric Bowlin, Ideal Real Estate Investing


“You don’t have to like it; you just have to do it.” — Charlotte Baker

“Every morning you wake up to an opportunity to change your situation. Don’t waste it.” — Angie Nelson, The Work at Home Wife

“Nothing makes a dry day wet like a good rain.” — Casey Fleming, Financial Help Desk

“You don’t have to have all the answers. You have to know the questions to ask, and have the guts to ask them!” — Stephanie McCullough, Sofia Financial

“I’ve climbed a few mountains. The climb sucks. It’s hard. It hurts. But as soon as you get to the top of that mountain the beauty around you makes all those struggles disappear.”  — Miss Mazuma, missmazuma.com

“Small progress every day over a long period of time adds up to big change.” — ESI, ESI Money

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Do you have any money quotes you’ve coined? Let’s hear them!


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