50+ Ways to Make More Money When You Work Full-Time

March 17, 2017

50+ Ways to Make More Money When You Work Full-Time

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If you are working on paying off your debt or thinking about it, then you have probably already faced a simple fact: to pay off the debt you need to pay more than your minimum payments—a lot more. And you probably have discovered that one of the ways to do that is to make more money.

The challenge with that, of course, is how do you suddenly make more money when you are already working a full-time job? You’re working 40+ hours, you have other commitments, and there are those people you live with that you would like to see every once in a while.

It may not necessarily be a simple task, but it’s a doable one. And today, with an abundance of online jobs and “side hustle” being a part of our culture’s vocabulary, you have more options than ever.

Let’s take at some ways to make more money when you work full-time.

Leverage Your Current Job / Career

When looking to increase your income, a good place to start is with your existing career or job. There are ways you can make more money doing what you are already doing.

1. Ask For a Raise

Muster up some courage, do some research on your salary in the market, document your accomplishments, and make a case for why you deserve a raise. Be sure to start off with an expression of gratitude, and make your case about your worth, not your needs.

2. Request Overtime

If overtime is an option (or an increase in hours if you work under 40 hours), ask for it.

3. Identify a Need

Think about what your company is lacking or could improve and present a plan to meet that need. Is there another department that could use help? Perhaps there is a service your company could start providing that would bring in more revenue. See where there are holes, and offer to fill them.

4. Moonlight for Another Company

Depending on if your employment agreement or contract allows it, seek opportunities to freelance for another company in your field.

5. Coach or Consult

Coach or train others looking to enter or move up within your field.

Sell Some Stuff

One way to make more money is to sell whatever you can: items you have and no longer need; items you collect; or items you make.

6. Have a Garage Sale

Scour your house for unneeded items and have the best garage sale ever. Maximize your potential proceeds from the sale by presenting your items in an organized way that plays up their value. And don’t forget clear, easy-to-read directional signage in your neighborhood.

7. Sell Your Stuff Online

Take a look at what you have that is of higher value than typical garage sale items and sell them online on eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, or Facebook. Look at sites like Gazelle, or NextWorth to sell your electronics.

8. Sell Used Books

Sell used books for profit on Ebay, Amazon, or BookScouter.Com.

9. Sell a Product, Craft, Photography, etc.

If you are crafty, paint, draw, etc., open up an Etsy shop, sell at a local craft fair, or sell your services on an online marketplace like Fiverr or Creative Market.

10. Sell From Your Garden

Do you grow your own vegetables, herbs, or flowers? Set up a stand right in your front yard or sell at a local farmer’s market.

11. Sell Your Favorite Products Through Direct Sales Companies

You could peddle your favorite essential oils, makeup, clothing, and more. Check out this list of Direct Sales companies.

12. Become a Flea Market Flipper

If you have an eye for bargains, learn how to turn that gift into some cash.

Get Paid For Your Hobbies & Skills

You probably have a few things you’re good at that you do just because you love to do them. It’s time to make some money from your skills and talent! These are just a few things you could do.

13. Photography

Love taking pictures of family and friends? Put yourself out there and start getting paid for your excellent work! You could also sell your photographs to stock photography services.

14. Handyman

If you are skilled at making minor repairs, you can make some decent money on the side right in your own neighborhood.

15. Gardening

Use your gardening expertise to help out those who weren’t born with a green thumb, and make some money in the process.

16. Organizing

Put your amazing organizational skills to use and get paid to teach others how to streamline and organize.

17. D.J.

Do you still have your turntables from college? Dust them off and become a weekend D.J. at parties and weddings.

18. Hair & Make-Up

Always getting compliments on your hair and make-up? Put yourself out there and start making some money doing it for others. Take advantage of high-demand times like prom season.

19. Baking

Can you whip up a mean cupcake? Make money by selling your baked goods. You can start off simply by announcing it on Facebook.

20. Audio and Other Technical Skills

If you know your way around a soundboard or have a knack for fixing computers, you could easily leverage those skills for additional income.

21. Graphic Design & Web Design

Use your amazing design skills to develop logos, websites, and other design work for others.

22. Teach Others Your Skill

Instruct others in a skill that you’ve mastered, whether it’s playing a musical instrument, painting, computer programs, etc.

Pick Up a Part-Time Job

Finding a 15-20 hour/week gig will consistently put some extra money in your pocket. There are so many things you can do on the side. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

23. Babysit

Offer to babysit for friends, neighbors, and family. Be sure to check Craigslist, the newspaper, and community bulletin boards for people in search of childcare.

24. Pet Sit or Dog Walk

If you love caring for animals, offer to pet sit or walk dogs in your neighborhood. A quick search online can point you to people looking for this service.

25. Use Your Driving Skills

Drive for Uber or Lyft on the evenings and weekends. Don’t have a car? Both services provide rental options.

26. Help People Move

Use your truck or van to help people move on the weekends. You can sign up with a service like GoShare.

27. Become a Tutor

Show off your proficiency in high school chemistry, calculus, a foreign language, etc., by tutoring students in your neighborhood or online with Studypool or Tutor.com. You could also tutor ESL students or professionals looking to pass exams that you have aced.

28. Shovel Snow

Put your snow blower or plow to use and offer to clear snow for your neighbors.

29. Mow Lawns

You don’t need an official landscaping business to mow lawns and perform basic lawn maintenance around your neighborhood.

30. Work in Retail

Get a job at your favorite book, clothing, craft, or other retail stores. Just don’t spend all your money there! Ikea, REI, Lowes, and these other retailers are known for their above-average wages.

31. Get a Job in Food Services

Become a barista at Starbucks, bartend, wait tables, or host at a local restaurant, etc.

32. Work at Your Local Supermarket

In addition to what you earn, you’ll also get a discount on groceries. Score! Aldi, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods are some of the higher-paying supermarkets.

33. Become a Delivery Driver

Delivering pizzas or other food items on the weekends or evenings is a good way to earn some cash.

34. Clean Homes or Offices

You clean your own home for free; now make money by cleaning someone else’s.

35. Reception Work

Become a receptionist at a gym, spa, salon, car dealer, etc.

36. Deliver Newspapers

This job isn’t for teens with a bike anymore. If you’re an early riser, you could make some extra cash delivering papers.

37. Become a Census Taker

Okay, so this only comes around once every ten years, but being a census taker during the summer can put a few thousand dollars in your pocket. The next one is in 2020. Mark your calendar. 😉

Online Jobs

There is a wealth of jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Between brick-and-mortar businesses looking for remote workers to online business needing assistance, there are a number of things you could do online.

38. Virtual Assistant

Tasks for virtual assistants can range from responding to emails, to managing social media accounts, to many others, and pay can be higher than doing the same tasks in traditional positions. Do a quick search online for available virtual assistant jobs

39. Transcription Jobs

Excellent typing skills? Get paid to transcribe audio files for a variety of companies.

40. Proofreading

Put your eye for spelling, grammar, and punctuation to use by proofreading for authors, bloggers, businesses, etc.

41. Review Websites

Sign up with companies like User Testing and make money by reviewing websites or apps. The jobs are sporadic, but they pay well for the amount of time you spend.

42. Customer Service

Field calls for a variety of companies from retail, to tech, to travel services, among others.

43. Voiceover Acting

Believe it or not, you can land voiceover jobs without having an established career. Learn how to get your feet wet in this interesting line of work.

44. Bookkeeping or Accounting

Provide bookkeeping or accounting services remotely for various businesses.

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Other Ways to Make More Money

There are many random ways you can make money. Here are a few.

45. Put up signs for Open Houses

Learn how you can make money putting up directional signage for real estate companies.

46. Take Surveys Online

The income is sporadic, but you can earn some extra money by taking surveys for companies like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and others.

47. Become a Mystery Shopper

Get paid to visit stores and companies and report back your observations. The jobs are here and there but can pay well. Sign up with reputable companies like Market Force and Best Mark.

48. Rent Out Available Space in Your Home

If you have a spare room or will be away from your home, rent it out through Airbnb, Homeaway, or others.

49. Participate in Studies

Medical studies, shave studies, weight loss studies, etc. Earn some extra cash by taking part in research.

50. Donate Plasma

You can make some decent money by donating plasma. Also, check out these other (legal) ways to earn income with your body.

51. Barter

While this does not put actual cash in your pocket, you can experience the same effect by bartering instead of paying for some of the services you use. For example, offer to be a receptionist at the dance studio where your daughter takes lessons in exchange for a break on the fees.

52. Get Cash Back on Your Purchases

Make money when buying items you usually would purchase by using sites and apps like Ebates, Ibotta, SavingStar, Checkout51, and MobiSave.

As you can see, there are a ton of ways you can make more money, even while working a full-time job. Depending on how much time you have, when you’re able to work, and what your skills are, you have many options to choose from. Let this list be a guide to get you thinking about what types of additional jobs work for you. Brainstorm other ideas and pursue several so you can see which path is the best for you. You’ll be on your way to making more money sooner than you think. Good luck!

What other ways can you think of to make more money while working full-time?


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