Why Losing My Amex Account Was a Blessing in Disguise

September 13, 2018

Why Losing My Amex Account Was a Blessing in Disguise

The following was originally published on GoBankingRates.

I remember the day I received the letter that changed my life.

Dear Ms. Linton,” it read…

The words that followed pretty much amounted to, “You are a risky customer, and we’re dumping you. Sincerely, American Express.”

I had been engaging in spending habits that made it clear I could not handle the responsibility of that card, and on top of that, had just paid my most recent bill a day late. And now American Express was calling me out.

They had already put a spending limit on my account, then slashed that limit in half — clearly an attempt to curtail my usage. But, the late payment was the ammunition they needed to close my account permanently.

After reading that letter, I sat down at my dining table and cried…Continue Reading.

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What has been a blessing in disguise in your life?