Choose Quality Over Price For These 5 Items

July 22, 2016

Choose Quality Over Price for These 5 Items

Sometimes in the name of frugality, it is tempting to focus solely on the price of items when making purchasing decisions. Doing this can easily lead you to cross the line from frugal to cheap.

Living a frugal life is all about making wise decisions with your money, which includes knowing when to prioritize value and quality over price. Making a decision based only on cost can sometimes be more expensive in the long run. Buying the cheaper version of an item and having to replace it because of its inferior quality is likely to cost more than just buying the better quality version in the first place.

I have been guilty of prioritizing the price of things over their quality but have seen the error of my ways. Here are five items whose value and quality are far more important than cost.

1. Household Appliances

Whether it’s a toaster or a washing machine, this area is not one to skimp on. Well-made and high-quality appliances will usually outlast their cheaper counterparts. Hello, Dyson!

2. Pots and Pans

Springing for higher quality pots and pans will serve you well as they will last far longer than the cheaper brands. Don’t get caught up on quantity. Focus on the pieces you will definitely use by buying a set with those specific items or by purchasing individually.

3. Furniture

Ikea has served me well over the years, but transitioning to furniture made of higher quality materials is a wise decision as you will only need to replace your furniture when you get tired of it, and not because it fell apart.

4. Tools

A classic example of “buy it right and buy it once”. Invest wisely up front and you will likely not have to replace your tools unless of course, they break. Quantity plays a role here too. Buy only the tools you will likely use.

5. Some Clothing and Shoes

I say “some” because I think there is a time when quality can take the back seat here. Wardrobe staples that you will come back to season after season should be of higher quality. The same goes for outerwear, denim, and boots and shoes. Quality can go out the window when shopping for trendy items that you are likely only to wear for a short period.

Shop Wisely

Prioritizing quality over price does not have to mean you automatically plunk down your hard earned cash regardless of the cost. Watching the price of an item you need to buy and striking when it’s hot; shopping sales; using coupons and other discounts; and buying used are all ways to get high-value items at frugal friendly prices.

For example, furniture stores have seasons just like clothing stores and usually need to clear the floor of all their floor models. I have scooped up wonderfully priced floor models around Christmas time when the stores are getting ready for spring (and no one is shopping for furniture).

Also, don’t bust your budget in the name of prioritizing quality over price. If you can, wait and save up until you can afford the better quality item.

Making the switch to focusing on value and quality over price may require a little change in your thinking if price usually drives your purchasing decisions. But in the end, you will save money, time, and have better quality items.

Do you have a purchase coming up? How do you plan to approach it?
What other items would you add to this list?


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