7 Frugal Father’s Day Ideas From Frugal Dads

June 8, 2018

7 Frugal Father’s Day Ideas…From Frugal Dads

It’s time to celebrate the Dad in your life!

Sometimes we think gift-giving opportunities need to be over-the-top to be meaningful. Well, they don’t. And if you don’t have the money, then they shouldn’t.

I asked some dads, who also happen to be personal finance experts, what they like to receive on Father’s Day. Their answers prove that sometimes, simple is best. These frugal Father’s Day ideas are high on thought and sentiment and easy on the wallet.

1. Q&A

My kids complete a questionnaire about Dad…my wife asks the questions and writes down the answers for me. It’s hilarious and cute to see what they think Dad does, how old he is, etc. It’s something nice to capture a moment in time and doesn’t cost a thing. Questionnaires can be found onlinePT @ PT Money

2. Photo Journal

Put together a digital scrapbook or an old school book. Each year, you add pictures of major events (non-family related) during the year as well as pictures of the family and family events. Ends up being something like a “This is Your Life” filled with great memories of family and what went on during the year. Joseph @ Peer Finance 101

3. QT With Dad

I make my kids hike with me every father’s day. Bill @ AIO Financial

4. Car Clean-up

I hate cleaning my car. I’ve had years of Father’s Day car washes, shoveling the sand out of the floor mats, and changing the oil. Doug @ The Military Guide

5. Make It

I always prefer gifts that are made as opposed to bought. Write me a song or a poem. Make me a card. Paint a picture or make a collage. Those are the gifts I love the most, and they don’t cost a thing! David @ The Astute Advisor

6. A Classic

I have one favorite go-to gift that’s always a winner for me to receive: a nice hand-made card. Bill @ Family Finance Favs

7. Do What Dad Likes

Just spending time together fishing or another activity that Dad likes. There are both freshwater and saltwater fishing options for free. Brad @ Maximize Your Money

Additional Frugal Father’s Day Ideas

Here are some other ideas to help you plan a special day for the dad in your life.

Treasure Hunt

Plan a themed treasure hunt like favorite snacks or something similar and make Dad search for his gifts.

Picnic Plus

Add a picnic to Dad’s favorite activity like biking or hiking and make a day of it.

Give Dad a Hand

Surprise Dad by taking a project he’s been “meaning to get to” off his plate.


Plan out small treats or gifts to lavish on Dad throughout the day on every hour.

Breakfast in Bed

It’s a classic that never gets old. Be sure to pile on the bacon!

Try one of these frugal Father’s Day ideas, and celebrate Dad this year in a meaningful and budget-friendly way!

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What other frugal Father’s Day ideas do you have? Let me know in the comments.


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