Last-Minute, Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

April 29, 2016

What??? Mother’s Day is coming up, and you haven’t figured out your plans for the mom in your life? No worries…If you’re short on time (and cash), here are some ideas for last-minute, inexpensive gifts.

If Mom is Sentimental

Picture Perfect Mom
Get those pictures off your phone and computer! Surprise the mom in your life by selecting several photos and framing them. Mix it up by choosing different sizes, types of pictures, and frames. You can find inexpensive frames at Ikea or Target. Consider picking a theme for your pictures, selecting pictures from a single day, or mixing up several pictures from different times and occasions including some long-forgotten moments.
Cost to you: Price of printing and frames.

If Mom is Outdoorsy

Take a Hike, Mom
Combine a picnic along with Mom’s favorite outdoor activity: biking, hiking, walking along the beach, exploring a city, etc. Make the day special by finding a new bike or hiking trail she hasn’t tried or choosing a beach or town/city you haven’t visited. Make sure the picnic includes mom’s favorite foods.
Cost to you: Food for the picnic.

If Mom Needs Some Pampering

Spa Day…at Home
If a day at the spa for mom is not in your budget, transform a room or part of your home into one. Create a calming ambiance with candles, low lighting, and music. Give mom a menu of services (like sea salt bath, massage, mani/pedi) and let her choose what she would like. Consider purchasing an inexpensive robe and slippers. Plan a light meal of fresh fruits, yogurt, juice, and tea to conclude mom’s day at the spa.
Cost to you: Effort(!), items for spa services and meal, and possibly a robe and slippers.

If Mom Needs a Break

Give Mom the Day Off
Don’t let mom lift a finger on Mother’s Day. Plan a specific activity for her while you and the kids take care of all the things she would normally do.
Cost to you: Your time.

If Mom Has a Honey-do List

DI(b)Y – Do It by Yourself
What project(s) does mom keep mentioning? Cleaning out the garage? Painting a room? Surprise her by knocking off several things off the honey-do list.
Cost to you: Your sweat (and perhaps tears).

Mom doesn’t have to know you waited until the last minute. Get going with one of these ideas and tailor it to what she likes. Or do all of them!


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