Why You Need to Start Dreaming Again

Why You Need to Start Dreaming Again

This is a guest post from my good friend, Seth Poston. I talk a lot on the blog about the power of hope — both in the power of its presence and its absence. In this post, Seth shares with us how powerful our dreams can be…if we follow them. Enjoy!

What if I were to ask you to tell me your biggest dream — the one thing that you would do if there were no limitation? The thing that brings (or could bring) you the greatest joy and the most fulfillment?

Could you pull that thing up from the depths of your heart? Do you have it in your head? Can you feel the passion inside? Does it bring a smile to your face? Does it make you brave again?


Now, what if I were to ask you why you weren’t doing that thing, the dream you conjured up…that thing that was so easily pulled from the deepest place. Why isn’t that thing a reality in your life? Too busy? Too much work? Not enough energy? Not enough money? Not influential enough?

I’m sure the list of reasons could go on and on.

I’ve dealt with this unending litany of excuses and exit strategies in my own life. We have become accustomed to surrendering our dreams to a myriad of intellectual rationale. We can’t seem to wrap our physical minds around it, so we stow it away.

The #1 Dream Killer

Whatever the reason you may tell yourself and others, I have found that the hesitancy to chase after our dreams is grounded in one thing — fear.

At some level, fear is what connects all our reasons “why not.” Upon true evaluation, and a certain depth of honesty, we find that we are actually grappling with fear, even though it may not be readily evident.

Fear is, by far, the most common obstruction I find when coaching and consulting both individuals and business leaders. It is the root cause of aborted dreams. It is a debilitating sensation that will lock you down and restrict your progression towards anything.

We all experience it, and we all give into it at some point in our lives.

Fear will cause you to dismantle your own dreams. It is a powerful tactic of the subconscious, dismembering our dreams and desires by our own inactions and disbelief.

Remaining in fear means remaining in the status quo.

The Truth About Fear

There is a powerful truth that I want to share with you about fear…it’s fake! Fear is not real; it is a learned behavior. This means that throughout our lifetime, as we grow and experience, we are conditioned to operate from a position of fear.

Our society, our upbringing, our influences, our life experiences have told us what we should be fearful of.

And without much thought or personal investigation, we welcome those fears as our own and inadvertently build our lives and dreams around them. It’s called conditioned response. Our responses are conditioned by external influences.

By default, we have become an incredulous population — one that doubts, fears, and is skeptical about everything. Fear is a precept that creates the false sense of security that where you are is safer, more responsible, more secure, more advantageous, more beneficial, more profitable than where you are supposed to be. It creates an assurance based on lies.

Fear causes you to look at what could be only through the lens of what is.

It keeps us from fulfilling the passions and dreams that are in our hearts. It forces us to accept defective and inferior thought processes and outcomes. It is the reason we become bogged down and derailed. It leads us to cyclical disappointment, destructive habits, and it destroys our confidence and ability to dream.

Fear vs. Faith

Fear causes our faith to shift inward. Fear and faith are conflicting forces. Without faith, we cannot accomplish our dreams. Fear destroys faith by causing us to be reliant on self. We begin leaning on our own strengths, abilities, connections, finances, and resources as opposed to trusting in the creative power of the One who placed those dreams inside of us in the first place.

We rely heavily on our own physical, mental and financial limitations instead of placing our faith in powers greater than us!

Here is a truth I want us all to remember: finances follow faith! Many things follow faith. When you step into the unknown, chasing the seemingly impossible, desiring the improbable, the resources that you need will manifest themselves along your journey.

The people who you are supposed to partner with will cross your path. The funding that you need to complete the project will come from the most unlikely source. The equipment you need, the support that you need, the encouragement that you need, will all manifest as you follow faith and fight fear!

It is imperative that we understand this…fear accomplishes its task by manipulating our thoughts. It is our own thoughts that keep us in the bondage of defeat.

But the reality is that anything we set our minds, talents, giftings, abilities to can be accomplished. If there is a need, it can be met. If there is a dream, it can be attained. If there is a task, it can be accomplished. Our thoughts are critical to the successful manifestation of our dreams, and we control those!

Designed to Dream

We must acknowledge and accept the reality that we were strategically fashioned to dream. Dreams are an integral part of our design. Dreams give us hope; they provide us purpose and create in us a sense of belonging and necessity.

Dreams are incredibly powerful commodities that have the ability, when completed, to change the course of history and drastically impact humanity. Dreams are deposited inside of us to ensure that the mysteries this earth is longing for are brought to light. Dreams are marvelous and formidable. They are what keeps us from deteriorating into a creation void of all direction.

But so often, these dreams that resonate so powerfully inside go undervalued and uncompleted.

You see, these dreams you have, are built into the structure of your design. That means you will never be truly satisfied in life until you are fulfilling those dreams. You were created for a purpose, and the dreams that lie dormant inside were placed there to help you fulfill that created purpose.

But if they go unfulfilled, you will never truly reach the potential of your design. Whatever your dream, whatever your passion, I implore you to chase after it. The world needs what you have locked up inside of you. There is purpose behind your life. You are not here by accident; you are here by design.

My desire for us all is that we fight fear and dream big. Let this earth and our societies explode with the creative power that is bottled up inside of us. Watch the transformative power your dreams have on the spheres that you influence. It’s time that we start living again. It’s time that we start dreaming again.

Fight Fear. Dream Big.

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What dreams do you need to start pursuing? Let us know in the comments!

Seth Poston is a husband, father, author, speaker, coach, and consultant. He is passionate about people seeing their potential and fulfilling their purpose. For information about personal or business coaching and consulting or speaking engagements, please reach out via email at sethmposton(at)gmail(dot)com or on Facebook.

Why You Need to Start Dreaming Again


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