April 1, 2016

Hello! Welcome to Hope+Cents. I’m Alaya, and my purpose in writing this blog is to share with you the hope I’ve gained and the things I’ve learned in the area of finances, along of course, with my two cents!

All of us intersect with money, yet so many of us don’t understand it, and that lack of understanding and knowledge can wreak havoc in our lives. After years of overspending and mismanaging our resources and blessings, my family and I decided enough was enough. We sensed that we were not meant to live that way anymore.

We learned and began applying the principles taught in the Total Money Makeover, by Dave Ramsey, and over the course of 25 months, my family and I paid off our $74,000 worth of consumer debt.

Since accomplishing the once “impossible” feat of getting out of debt, I have become passionate about helping others do the same. I am a trained financial coach and work with others to put together a plan for their situation, whether it’s to eliminate debt, meet a savings goal, or plan for the future. I have a deep belief that every situation has hope, and my passion is to help others find the hope in theirs.

So again, welcome. I hope that you stick around, enjoy my musings and observations, and that you learn something along the way!



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