How to Make Money Doing What You Love – Business Boutique Book Review

April 18, 2017

How to Make Money Doing What You Love – Business Boutique Book Review

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Can you make money doing what you love? Is that even possible? Or should what you want and like to do take a back seat to the reality of paying bills? If you’ve ever pondered these questions, you’ll find the answers in Business Boutique.

Written by Christy Wright, Business Boutique is a guide designed for women, that teaches you how to take steps towards creating and building a business based on doing what you love.

With the number of women-owned businesses having grown significantly in the past decade and the fact that the term “mompreneur” is a part of our culture’s vocabulary, this is an exciting time for women who are looking to use their creativity, passions, and skills to generate income. The goal of this book is to inspire, encourage, and equip you to do just that.

Business Boutique in a Nutshell

Business Boutique serves as a handbook for everything you need to know and do to create and run a business—whether your business is an online business, a home-based business, or a physical brick-and-mortar business. Using a four-tiered plan, Christy Wright walks female entrepreneurs through the many stages of establishing and running a successful business. 

Starting from the crucial early stages of creating a firm foundation on which to build, through to the phases of growth, Business Boutique provides step-by-step instruction for all aspects of operating a business.

Each chapter of the book concludes with action items, and upon completion of Business Boutique, you will come away with a solid plan with which you can create, build, and grow your business.

The book is encouraging and inspirational but is also designed for you to take action along each step to bring your dream of making money doing what you love a reality.

About the Author

Christy Wright is a speaker, business coach, and author whose own story has fueled her passion for helping women create businesses doing what they are passionate about and skilled to do. In addition to a book, Business Boutique is also a podcast, blog, and series of live events.

Christy is gifted in her ability to address the unique issues female entrepreneurs face and provides encouragement that is relevant and speaks to the heart of some of those challenges.

To give you more of an idea of who Christy is, here is a brief video of hers called, “There’s Room For You, Too.” I encountered this on a day that was overflowing with doubt (because, yes, we all face fear and doubt). It was the perfect message for me to hear at that moment and has stuck with me ever since. I share it with you now, in case it’s something you need to hear too. 😉

Who Business Boutique is For

This book is for any woman who desires to earn an income using her passions, skills, and interests—whether it’s on the side, meant to replace a current job, or just to generate some fun money.

If you have a business idea but maybe dismissed it in the past, you’re working at a j-o-b that pays the bills but doesn’t do too much else for you, you’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to make money on the side in the past, or if you have a passion or idea that just won’t leave you alone, Business Boutique was written for you.

Even if you already have a business, this book is for you too, as it will walk you through some key foundational steps you may have missed.

I also think Business Boutique is an excellent read for the woman who is looking for ways to bring in additional income, but might not necessarily see herself as an entrepreneur or business owner. If that’s you, this book will help you identify some possible avenues to take to earn money.

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What You Will Learn

Business Boutique not only walks you through the practical aspects of turning what you love to do into a business, but it also addresses mindset and some of the roadblocks you may encounter as you form and grow your business.

Here are a few highlights of what is covered and what you will gain from reading this book:

  • Identifying your story and inspiration for your business
  • Overcoming the fear and doubt that may be holding you back
  • Turning your vision and dreams into actionable goals
  • How to recognize your strengths and use them to your advantage
  • Leveraging resources like time, money, and physical space to build your business
  • Marketing and building your brand
  • Establishing policies and best practices for your business
  • Understanding profits and pricing
  • How to budget and manage your business income and expenses
  • Dealing with taxes and the right business structure
  • Balancing your business with your life

What I Liked About Business Boutique

This book has a lot to offer that you won’t find in other books aimed at entrepreneurs. Because it is specifically for women and written by a woman, it offers a perspective that is relatable.

There are many other aspects of the book that set it apart from others:

  • A lot of time is spent on the foundational steps of your business like establishing your why and recognizing your unique story
  • Mindset and behaviors are addressed
  • Each chapter begins with an overview of what to expect and ends with practical action steps
  • The book provides a logical and sequential plan for building and growing your business
  • You will be encouraged, inspired, and entertained as you make your way through this book

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What I Didn’t Like

While Business Boutique covers a lot and you will walk away with just about everything you need to know to start your business or improve an existing one, there are a couple of things I wish it dove into more deeply.

  • Only a bird’s eye view of social media is provided (which is acknowledged)
  • The multiple ways of making money with your business are not covered


I enjoyed reading Business Boutique and recommend it if you are looking to start a business, are already in the beginning stages of your business, or if your established business is not where you want it to be. Again, it’s also a good read if you’ve never considered starting a business but are looking to bring in additional income.

The action items found in each chapter of Business Boutique will take you through the crucial components of forming and growing your business, and I love that that is a significant part of this book. You will get the most out of Business Boutique by committing to completing these steps before proceeding to the next chapter. In doing so, you will have done the all-important work of laying the foundation for your business. It might be tempting to skip over them to get on to the next thing, but information without application won’t actually help you. (So, do the action items!!)

You’ll appreciate the understandable and relatable tone struck through the book and the practical advice on overcoming roadblocks you may encounter. You will walk away from reading it ready to launch and grow your business.

Regardless of where your passions and skills may lay, Business Boutique will equip you with the inspiration, encouragement, and tools needed to craft a life and business doing what you love.

Are you doing what you love? If not, what do you think is holding you back?


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