Hope Your Way Out of Debt

May 25, 2018

Hope Your Way Out of Debt

Spoiler Alert: It takes a little bit more than hope to get out of debt.

But, if you are attempting to get out of debt or you’re dealing with another challenging financial situation, whether or not you have a sense of hope about your path has a lot to do with the results of your efforts.

I recently gave a talk that I want to share with you. It’s not specifically about money, but instead, it’s a personal story (a very personal one) about hope. While it’s somewhat of a departure from the typical topics I tackle on this blog, I share it because I believe no matter who you are we could all use some hope.

And as a heads-up, this talk was given at a church, and I am a person of faith, so this video does include references to God and the Bible. If that’s not your thing, be warned! 😉

I hope you enjoy it!

Do you have a situation you need to feel hopeful about?

Are you working on paying off debt? You\'d be surprised to find that whether or not you\'re hopeful about getting out of debt has a lot to do with your success. This video sheds light on the importance and power of hope in every area of our lives. 

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