Monthly Reads | How to Earn Extra Money this Summer

May 30, 2017

Monthly Reads | How to Earn Extra Money This Summer

Happy End of the Month, readers! This month’s round-up is all about making a little extra money this summer. If you’re working on paying off debt or pursuing a savings goal, taking on a temporary side job can boost your efforts.

It may not feel like your main job and other obligations leave you much time to take on additional work, but the summer months bring some unique opportunities for earning income that aren’t available year-round. Also, it’s easier to wrap your head around a ten-week (or so) commitment than one that feels like it has no end.

Here are some articles to help you earn extra money during the summer months.

Eight Seasonal Side Hustles to Make Bank This Summer — The Simple Dollar

Depending on how much time you have to commit to a summer side job and how flexible that time is, you’ll find some ideas here that can work for you and can result in putting some significant cash in your pocket. Read

6 Summer Side Hustles for College Students That Can Be Carried On Into The New Semester — The Work at Home Woman

While this post is aimed at college students, the job suggestions can work for anyone looking to earn extra income during the summer. The ideas listed are ones that can be carried over into the fall and beyond, so if you’re open to your summer hustle becoming a long-term hustle, these are some solid options. Read

9 Summer Jobs for Teachers: How to Make Extra Money When School’s Out — The Penny Hoarder

Teachers, (or anyone with extreme flexibility during the summer months), this one is just for you. You’ll discover some creative and out-of-the-box ideas for padding your bank account this summer. Read

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Taking on a summer side job provides not only an opportunity to earn extra money, but also a chance to sharpen your skills, pick up additional ones, meet new people, and take somewhat of a “mental detour” from your primary job.

Focus on finding a job that will help you achieve your goals and will be a good fit by giving a lot of thought to how much time you have available and what type of work is suitable for you.

Are you thinking of taking on a job this summer? What have you done in the past to earn extra money during the summer months?

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