30 Reasons You’re Not Where You Want to Be Financially

July 14, 2017

30 Reasons You’re Not Where You Want to Be Financially

Too often we find ourselves being unhappy about where we are financially but remain in that dissatisfied state because we’re unaware of what is holding us back. Unfortunately, this can cause us to feel stuck and stay where we are for quite some time.

But much like a broken appliance, if your financial situation is not where you want it to be, it is necessary to identify the issue. Only then can you work on it. So, here’s a question for you: What’s holding you back from getting to where you want to be financially?

A little digging and a lot of self-reflection will shed light on what’s keeping you where you are. Below are some common reasons we don’t reach where we want to be. See which ones resonate with you.

  1. You are constantly comparing yourself to others.
  2. You make your financial decisions based on what others think of you.
  3. You make your financial decisions based on what others tell you to do.
  4. You don’t think you deserve more or better than where you are.
  5. You don’t talk about money.
  6. You feel guilt, shame, or embarrassment about past mistakes.
  7. You don’t believe that significant change is possible.
  8. You’re complacent — not willing to challenge where you are.
  9. You’re not content or grateful for what you have / where you are.
  10. You’re trying to keep up with — or worse — outdo the Joneses.
  11. You live beyond your means.
  12. You have an “I owe it to myself” mentality.
  13. You have an unrealistic perception of your current state.
  14. You want change without putting in any effort.
  15. You doubt yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.
  16. You procrastinate.
  17. You hold toxic money beliefs.
  18. You’re impulsive.
  19. You have no plan.
  20. You feel hopeless.
  21. You’re not disciplined.
  22. You and your spouse are not on the same page.
  23. You speak or think negatively about your situation.
  24. You have a scarcity mentality.
  25. You chase happiness with “stuff.”
  26. You do not have specific goals.
  27. You have a financial bully.
  28. You’re unwilling to sacrifice.
  29. You’re in denial about where you are financially.
  30. You have no “why”.

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This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should help you recognize some issues that are holding you back financially. Once you do, you can identify some steps you can take to move forward.

For example, if keeping up with the Joneses is a problem, try distancing yourself from them for a bit by unfollowing them on social media. If you don’t set goals, make the decision to establish some today. You can start by downloading this Goal Worksheet. If you don’t talk about money, commit to making it part of your conversation. For each obstacle, identify an action you can take to counter it.

You can’t fix a problem until you name it, but in doing so, you’ll be taking the first step to turning things around.

Which of these reasons resonated with you? What action can take today to move forward?


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