Why Gratitude is Good For Your Finances

Why Gratitude is Good For Your Finances

Do you consider yourself a grateful person? I’m sure you just said yes, right? Not many people are able (or willing) to admit that they are ungrateful.

But when I ask that question, what I mean is, are you really grateful? Do you realize how much you have? Do you recognize what is going well for you? Do you show and express appreciation for those things, OR do the things you don’t have get more focus and attention?

It’s easy to get caught up in our wants and gimmies. We are consumers. Our culture encourages us to want and to get more. And too often, satisfying those wants and gimmies results in poor decision-making and damaged finances.

Gratitude Challenge

Well, I have a challenge for you — a Gratitude Challenge. In the book, Love Your Life Not Theirs, Rachel Cruze, shares a simple exercise you can do to keep at the forefront of your mind, the things in your life you are thankful for.

Each morning start the day by recording two things you’re grateful for. It can be in a journal, in a memo on your phone, or whatever you prefer. The result? You’ll have a running and growing list you can look back on when you need a dose of gratitude.

Doing this is powerful. When you’re full of gratitude, your perspective, your life, and your finances are influenced by that gratitude. Recognizing and acknowledging the positives in your life yields a sense of contentment. And when you’re content, you approach your finances from a unique perspective.

What are you grateful for?

My challenge for you today is this: share one or two things that you are grateful for right here! I would love to hear what you have to be thankful for. And I think it could be powerful for you to hear (see) what others are grateful for as well.

So, what do you have to be grateful for? In the comments, share your one or two things — anything that you’re thankful for. It can be related to your finances, but it doesn’t have to be. Share anything that is going well for you that you need to acknowledge and remind yourself about. I would love to see the comments full of what you are grateful for!

My hope is that this inspires you to start giving more airtime to the positives in your life and less airtime to what you lack.

Leave a comment here, but I also challenge you to go beyond that. Start a gratitude memo on your phone, share your areas of gratitude at the dinner table each night, or start a gratitude journal. Take some time to focus on the good in your life!

Let’s hear it. What are YOU grateful for? Share in the comments.

Why Gratitude is Good For Your Finances


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