10 Signs You Might Be Becoming a Minimalist

August 9, 2016

10 Signs You Might Be Becoming a Minimalist

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I ditched my microwave several months ago, and I don’t miss it. I wish I could say I got rid of it for health concerns, but the truth is I didn’t like the clutter on my counter.

My family recently downgraded our TV/cable “severely” — to the point where we can’t (gasp) pause, rewind, or record shows, and I still feel like it’s too much. I just want to get rid of the TV altogether.

I fantasize about tossing a good amount of my clothes and replacing them with fewer but better-quality items.

I could go on and on, but the point is…I think I might be becoming a minimalist.

Hopefully, I am not giving minimalism a bad name with these examples (my apologies to you real minimalists if I am), but lately, I find myself daydreaming of a simpler, less-is-more existence.

According to Becoming Minimalist,

“Minimalism as a lifestyle is a movement that seeks to pare down possessions to only the essential. Because life can be lived richer and fuller when unnecessary possessions have been removed, it is a growing trend that includes more than just young, single, 20-somethings. Many families are embracing the lifestyle as well.”

Sounds good to me.

Minimalist Reading

I recently came across these articles that further my curiosity and my desire to jump into the minimalist lifestyle.

21 Benefits of Owning Less – Becoming Minimalist
Joshua Becker, author of The More of Less, summarizes the benefits of having less stuff.

Minimalism for Anyone – Financially Blonde
Shannon interviews Cait Flanders about her 12-month spending ban that led to her embracement of minimalism.

My Unbelievable Journey to Minimalism – Frugal Rules
John shares how he went from minimalism cynic to champion.

A Conversation on Living Simply – The Hippy Home
Gina reminds us that minimalism can look different for everyone.

If you have the slightest interest in minimalism, I suggest you take a look (or listen) to all of these.

Are You Becoming a Minimalist?

Now, on to the signs you might be becoming a minimalist. Take these with a grain of salt, of course.

  1. You have learned or are learning to value quality over quantity
  2. You choose to forgo items once seen as necessities (Microwave, Keurig Machine, etc.)
  3. You recognize just how much stuff you have and find too much stuff overwhelming
  4. You are frugal, debt-free, or are aiming to be debt-free
  5. You know the difference between your wants and needs
  6. You don’t feel the need to keep up with the Joneses
  7. You are not concerned with others’ opinions of you
  8. You don’t feel the need to have the latest and greatest
  9. You value experience over stuff
  10. You crave /value/desire SIMPLICITY in your life

I’m not sure if I’m walking down the path of becoming a minimalist quite yet or what that will look like for me. At this very moment my living room is in disarray because I am in favor of a pared-down, layout with less furniture, and hubby, well, not so much. I’ve mastered how to get a spouse on board with the finances. It looks like I might have a similar journey ahead of me.

Do you show any of these signs? Do you think you might be becoming a minimalist? Are you one already? Share in the comments.